Quiet Art

Art is all around us everyday. It’s in the coffee we drink, the vacant white wall, the old book scuffed from time, our evening walk home from work, and so forth. Art is frequent. Art is plain. Art is transparent. This is because there is nothing exceptional about art; art is mundane, common, and of the little things. We are all capable of art, and are all capable of experiencing art. It should not be hard to grasp, or of the difficult. Art is meant to be seen, felt, and moving, but most importantly, art is meant for us to see ourselves. To see a daydream in the coffee we drink, to find a familiar face in the vacant white wall, to smell our love in the old book scuffed from time, and on our evening walk home from work, to see the semblance of our shadows making way through the dark.

We currently live in a world that is pressed to be loud. Our ambitions must be loud, our presence must be loud, and yes, our art has also been affected, blazing and booming and screaming so to make sure all the world knows it to be grand. This is not wrong, or bad, but art can also be quiet. It need not move mountains, just silently slip into our souls and touch us there with a light finger. Subtlety, and the natural way of things, not only the unnatural or strange, are part of art, too.

In this photo series Quiet Art, I’ve chosen to do away with all the trappings of photoshop, and brilliance of color, and present what is, in it’s most purest, basic form. Shot entirely in black and white using natural light with a 40-150 mm lens, the following photos are the quiet, everyday moments that pass us by. They are to remind us the beautiful is only a heartbeat away, and if we are to move slowly, silently, even if for only a short while, we may catch them.

And remind ourselves that great art, is never far.


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