The Scream

The Scream of Life so frighteningly bold,
raging loudly into light.
Young and flaring mighty
so madcap it shouts—
a crazed fighter
rearing for bouts,
angry for kingship,
hungry for power,
drinking in all the wonder
and suckling out all the thunder!
With hot belly
and lightning
it conquers all,
part by part.
It’s selfish and greedy,
lustful and needy,
rioting from start to finish its
impulsiveness blinds the world
in electric flash,
tunneling through stone,
piecing through wind,
devouring the water and
harnessing sunfire like Apollo
the great god Life is -!

wing in a moment,
comes Death.
Ever patient.
Ever knowing.
Ever empty

With the ease of dark fingers, so Death
out Life.

Life riles, the Scream,
falls to death
in one bite.

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