6 Animations to Jump Start Your Imagination

Stories encapsulate our daily lives. We tell stories of our days over coffee, at the diner table, to our fellow employees and peers, and to anyone who will listen really. We read stories in the paper, on the internet; we watch stories on television, at movie theatres, and of course, we often write them. We relay stories. We invent them. The word “story” is often used to describe a work of fiction; “stop telling stories” we say, but stories are not necessarily untrue. Stories are simply the telling of an event, whether elaborate, mystical, or downright boring. Stories are everything. They exist everywhere.

And especially in our imaginations.

I encourage anyone to daydream. In a world so bogged by reality and grim future outlooks, we often forget that there are things inside us that need traveling. It’s true that escapism can be unhealthy if used in excess, but this is a thing of life; too much or too little leads to emotional coma or unrest. This is true of almost all things. So one should daydream, as the heart needs it. One should find art. One should make art. One of my favorite ways to lounge away a couple minutes, is to watch animations.

These six are some of my most worn. I enjoy them likely because I see something of myself in them, but I think what I most enjoy is the magic they seem to embed into my thoughts. I continue to think about them well after I watch them; they linger, meaning they click, and stick to something in me. Such things are important to find—find those things that make your withins grow.

Here are some of mine.



In this gorgeously crafted short, a young girl strives to achieve her and her fathers dream of flying to the sun in a machine powered by luminous magic winds. There are multiple levels to this story, with a world wracked by some unknown force, swathed in grim clouds and a rising sea, and a departed mother whose death is mysterious but clearly lingers, leaving the father stuck in grief. I particularly like the music of this piece, and the end.


The Maker, a multiple award winning film by Zealous Creative, is the strange story of a mysterious long-eared inventor who races against time to make his beautiful creation. The music of this piece is “Winter” by Paul Halley, and I’m quite in love with it. This tale ends with a twist, making it especially addicting and haunting.


This piece has enchanted me for several years. It’s simply a musical composition, but with a—shall we say—a unique and magical flare. An acoustic masterpiece; this is one you will simply have to watch.


From the musician Lovett, from his album Highway Collection comes the song “Eye of the Storm”. This superb steampunk-styled animated music video tells the definitive story of a man sailing into, you guessed it—the eye of the storm. This is an eerie and enchanting video. Directed by Christopher Alender, I have “Eye of the Storm” set on repeat many a night.


If you are like me you were likely very disappointed in Disney Studio’s second attempt at another Fantasia classic. However, this piece, finished in 2003, made a lot of the disappointed of Fantasia 2000 disappear for me. This gorgeous piece can be found on youtube and is just that—gorgeous. Dali stated this piece as, “A magical display of the problem of life in the labyrinth of time.” Walt Disney, of course, stated, “A simple story about a young girl in search of true love.” I think it is both.


I positively love CALDERA. This award winning CGI short by Evan Viera tells the story of a girl breaking free. Stunningly beautiful and heartrending, CALDERA probes the soul while uplifting it. Its ending is mysterious; the fate of our heroine remains rather unknown. However, this unknown is my favorite part.

Get dreaming.

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