“I’m Going to Fly.”

Throwback Thursday! Alex has something planned, but can she pull it off?

Originally Posted: 09/03/2014

The Larkspur Horne

Clang! Clash! Alex dug about through her mess of shrapnel and flickering devices straining for life, her hair all a’fuzzed in flurrious unruliness, having looked zapped at the ends, and she tossed and rummaged greedily as her friend William stood by far behind her, watching in a sort of nonchalant interest.

“You know,” he said, turning his attention to Alex’s table of, oh, what did she call it? Invention. “A little organization wouldn’t hurt. What is all this rabble? Is this an EYEBALL?”

He picked up a strange, brass-ish ball that upon it’s front-center clearly had the makings of an iris and pupil, glaring beadily into him. He grimaced in disgust and quickly dropped it back onto the table, it clanking upon a well-worn wrench.

“William!” Alex called, hustling over and banging a heavy chunk of whizzing metal upon the tabletop, making all the odd bobbles and ends bounce…

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