Larkspur’s Poem

Born on a Friday under Luna Senex,
Born of black eye and swirling curl.
When Sol and Mercury in cazimi connect
And the moon shivered in final convex
So came one bonny wild, howling girl.

Two eyes, two hands, two brains, and four mouths;
Eight legs amok to four winds an’ seven seas.
She kept secrets like jewels, but brandished clout,
Ran across meadows in riotous shouts
Staking her claim to always be free.

She learned dance with Theoi Ouranoi in empyrean;
Was taught by Nyx to waltz with ghouls in She’ol.
She discovered early how evil’s cerberean,
Twisting through the blue veins of women and men,
Studied hard to make hex and charm rise from out a bowl.

Ten fingers she had, but she owned none.
They wandered far and did as they pleased.
Writing tales until roughen and rung
Her hands dived deep until they were done;
Imaginings so thick, they were like a disease.

Fallor, ergo sum. That was her lesson, to trip and to fall,
“To vanquish your past.”, as the soothsayer had spoke.
To survive under fire, bludgeoning, and squall;
To rebirth like Osiris, to redeem as dear Apostle Saul—
So was her providence, to rise from the yoke.

Falling and flout, she bent back to begin,
Calling and crowing, so to be as an art.
Should some god have married her to courage thin,
She would not have heard the lion’s hark.

“To the horizon!” she cried.
And so her soul died, as it was,

To embark.

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