I am believing.

People pass around.
There is some cup of blankness here.
Fingers and palms forecast everything.
Algorithms are sorting people out.
People are groaning into themselves.
People are sowing eyes shut.
People are stretching out like bubblegum refusing to break.

But I am believing.

People are craving, but are not hungry.
People are lapping up hearts and calling it snack.
Here comes someone, again and again.
People are circling.
People are squeezing themselves into waistcoats too tight.
People are buttoning up all the flesh.
People are stripping down but baring nothing.

I am still believing.

People are despising people.
People are condemning people and then filling their houses up with dogs and cats.
People are calling people rat, swine, cow, animal, monster.
Men and women are all colliding now.
People are laying flat.
Bellies are swelling and heads are ticking to rupture.
People are erasing all the colors.
People are moving further out.

But I am still believing.

I am still discussing things with people.
I am still shaking hands and pushing cars out of ditches.
People are knocking on my door and asking for some salt.
People are sinking to their knees in alleyways and I am saying hello.
People are yelling at me.
People are laughing.
People are applauding.
People are crying.
People are saying I hate people.

But I am still saying

I believe. 

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