“If the Cuckoo Don’t Crow” – A Joyful and Fun Animated Short by Steve Kirby about the Woman Who Predicted the Great Storm of 1987

Love stories? Likely so. Here’s a good one:

In England on October 15-16, 1987, one of the worst storms in 300 years hit the southeastern coast. The hurricane-like winds blasted and blew, also hitting northern France, uprooting trees and knocking down fences and rolling trash bins down the blustery streets. The storm seemed to come without warning; it took BBC weatherman Michael Fish completely by surprise, or, so it would have seemed, if you were a local tuning in that day, as he reassured viewers no hurricane was anywhere near southeastern England. But someone did know. In this adorable and joyful animated short from filmmaker Steve Kirby, hear from the son of the anonymous BBC caller who phoned in that fateful day to state she “heard a hurricane was on the way”, as he recounts to Nick Pandolfi the tale of how his little old mother was able to predict the Great Storm of 1987.

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