The Fourth

I lie in the grass. I drink ice water and chew pages and pages of books.
I watch the sky move. I feel the blue. I see birds come and go.
I am in the sun – out of the sun – in the sun – out of the sun,
I take a blade of grass and press it between my two thumbs,
Bring it to my lips and I take a deep breath and
Blow duck songs into the field. I can’t remember
There is a tomorrow, there’s an end to today, as I
Lie in the grass, drink ice water, chew
Pages and pages of books, watch the sky
Shift from pale morning glory to vibrant bougainvillea to
Richly larkspur, black and velvet as a sheet.
I don’t remember there is a tomorrow, an end
To today. I stand in the grass. For the twenty-fifth time
I run toward the sound of booms and thunder and shotgun bangs.
In the dark, in the grass, I watch the sky rain fire and cough lightning.
I don’t remember that there is an end to things.
My eyes widen like bowls, and lift, to capture every speck of falling light.

Written on 2013, July 4th – have a happy Independence Day my fellow US of A’s.


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