Publications (And Other News)

I am happy to announce my publications in Streetcake Mag and Ampersand Lit are both up for viewing. Whoohoo! Also worth noting, some time back I joined the site Poet’s Cornerso stop by and read some new poems from yours truly and a slew of other great poets! Updated daily!

In other news, I hope to have my latest Tea Story, Shadows! Oscar Petey and the Duel of Knights, finished and ready for free download this month (if not this month, most certainly next month). If you have yet to sink your teeth into my little ebooks, it’s not too late to start!

Missed out on the latest Tea Story? Get The Death Box on PDF, EPUB, or Mobi here.

THEDEATHBOX“He entered, feeling a thrill, and closed the door behind him. To the bookcase where the box sat he went. His eyes tilted up towards the shelf, and reaching, as though he were about to place his hands upon an ancient, holy object, he lifted the box down from its perch. His breathing intensifying, his chest feeling as though it might burst from the swelling of eagerness and wonder and slight terror, he licked his lips and knelt, setting the box down upon the rug. He gazed upon it, the clasp innocent and undaunting. The box simple and plain. But the hairs on his neck stood up. The quiet of the room, unnerved him, and he was as sensitive as a deer to all around him. He put his fingers around the box’s corners, ran his fingers along its sides, and then, swiftly and suddenly, he opened it.” -Excerpt from The Death Box

As always, feel free to drop a buck in the Donate Box. Thanks for being such great readers.

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