The School of Life presents “The Importance of Staring Out Of The Window”

It’s Friday, and you can’t focus. Your mind wanders, your legs are restless, you daydream and sigh and count down the minutes; your eyes drift to the window, and you fall into a hole of listlessness. Sound familiar?

We live in a world of deified productivity. Get everything done, sign up for that new class, make those lists, cement those habits, and if you have nothing to do at the moment, best find something quick, for the worse thing you could possibly be doing is being idle. Thank goodness for modern handheld technology.


In this video, the wonderfully philosophical and soulfully probing School of Life Youtube channel explores the benefits and necessities of the very human act, of gazing out the window.

(If self knowledge and exploration is something you are seeking more of in your life, stop and visit and click on Chapter 4: Self. Have a great weekend everyone.)

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