Unseen Bird

I cannot recall ever setting eye on you, but I hear you
day and day. Your trilling laugh, your high chirp of pride;

your voice lashes like sweet alerting thunder across the sky.
I’ve searched and searched, and searched in vain;

the evening ghost of uncaged dusk you remain. Your faint wing
a wisp of haunting dream, your graceful head a cane

that supports beauty of her floundering legs, how beloved
and of charm is your mystery, sitting on the royal seat of the tall pine.

I would never wish you to be mine, but, if I could
see you, just once, in all your beguiling figure, sweep, and

feather, I would clasp you to my heart forever.
Your pirouettes of air and song I would reminisce

to the pale morning dew, to the cloud cover, to the night;
but I love you neither more or less, dearly unseen bird.

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