Fire Bird

As I lay know I do not lay for long.
As I am broken so the light and air shall enter me and I may be reborn.

I put my trust, in Darkness, and so shall move as a lantern amidst the fog.
I lend my hand, to Nobody’s likeness, and make a pact to wallow no more.

As I arise know that I arise with swiftness, and ferocity.
As I make headlong, know that I shall roar with luminousness, and velocity.

Distance and time shall shiver before me. Bend their knees and part.
As I make for the gate, know that I am ill, haggard, spurned; not anything of a god.

As I meet the event horizon, as I redshift
into embryo and curve, rounding as a moon, know,

I never meant for any of this.

I simply stumbled.
I fell.

I never once dreamed of blossom nor rapture.
I never sought to rise into a crown and then die and die and die.

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