Silver Fish & Whatever May

Fish silver as the moon
Fresh green from rosemary fills the room
Golden late afternoon, golden honey
Golden ring that slips from its place and tumbles down the sink
To think, that today is a day with
Song, conversation, hearts beating and beds
That hold us as mothers whilst we have our dreams
Young memories, incense burning
Gods never gracing us with their bodies
Beloveds that leave in the early morning
Fish silver as the moon
Lemon spurts, sweet curses
Chapped lips wrapping around spoons
The savor and richness flooding
The falls we suffer while autumn, winter
Spring, summer, roll along
We bake our cakes, visit graves
Lay our hands over each other, eat fish
Silver as the moon
Have our banquets, have our dances
Have the world on the end of a fork
The rains drumming their hymns outside
Our eyes towards the sky, saying come what may, come what may.

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