I Meet Night

Greet me Night, embrace me with your drape;
I’ve seen the indigo lace along the crowns of the downs
in mournful sigh, the told breasts shadowed under the lake
of the starlights’ luminous blown gaze, tipped in cloud.

Meet with me, a rendezvous when all the rest of this world
sleeps and dreams, and we shall talk as friends talk
beneath blankets that lock in intimacy and freedom.

Greet me Night, and let us build a little kingdom, out the stones
and trees, homes and roads, all blackened by your hallow hair;
darksome shapes a fitted gown, caped by the silver shone.

I love you, Night. It is always to you when I am crestfallen
I lay my head down, you who breathe the reprieve and sound
into heaving cut lungs, you who lend your velvet shallows
to cover shores burning, when I can not bear the brassy sun.  

You, who wipes many an aching brow, who brings
the sweat to your lips and wrings the moon to shower;
all the hours, I have questioned life, you rain deep within.

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